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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fast and the Furious: What Happened to Letty in Fast and Furious?

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Justin Lin's Fast and the Furious movie franchise produced five high-adrenaline racing movies. Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) is one of the most popular Fast and the Furious characters. Fast and the Furious movie fans ask, "What happened to Letty?" Where is Letty Ortiz?  

Letty took a drug runner job to move drugs under the Mexican border and into the United States. She accepts the drug runner job to keep the family together after Dom leaves to keep them safe. While attempting to outrun Braga's associate and drug frontrunner Fenix. Dom's love flame Letty supposedly loses control and crashes on a dark desolate road. Letty is trapped in the car, covered with lacerations on her face. Fenix aims and shoots Letty dead.  

Fast and the Furious movie fans are confused about Letty's whereabouts. Letty presumably dies when Fenix shoots and kills her while trapped in a wrecked car. We never see Letty die, instead Dom imagines Letty's death in his mind. The film technique is to trick moviegoers in thinking Letty dies in a car crash/shooting event. The screenwriter and director utilize the visual technique to narrate Letty's death. 

We learn that Letty is alive. Fast and Furious tricks FF fans into believing Letty is dead. The truth is out there. Soon enough, you will see a surprise cameo in the Fast Five movie ending to explain what happened to Letty Ortiz. Fast and the Furious 6 is due out in movie theaters in May 2013. 


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