Monday, December 30, 2013

Universal Studios video on the Fast & Furious franchise

A classic Paul Walker and Vin Diesel scene from the Fast & Furious Vault

Fast & Furious 7 gets a new release date

Fast and Furious movie franchise experienced a major jolt after their franchise star died in a car accident in Santa Clarita, California last month. Fans were divided on whether Universal Studios should continue making these highly popular racing/heist movies without Paul Walker. Fast and Furious 7 ceased shooting and there was even talk if the seventh edition would be scrapped altogether.

As reported on NY Daily News and other news websites, Vin Diesel announced that Fast & Furious 7 is set to be released on April 15, 2015. Initially, Fast & Furious 7 was scheduled to be released next year on July 14, 2014. When Paul Walker died, the studio postponed production to discuss how to handle this extreme situation.

Fast & Furious 7 is expected to show Paul Walker's last scenes. Chris Morgan is the talented screenwriter who penned a string of Fast and Furious movies and Wanted, is capable of revising the FF #7 screenplay through past scenes and existing material.

Paul Walker was an awesome dude! We wish we could tell you Happy New Year and thank you in person. Even though we never met you, we enjoyed your movies dating back to the 90's.

If we remember correctly, you starred in an old Who's The Boss episode. We look forward to watching you again in Fast & Furious 7, the movie franchise you helped to launch in 2001.

New Fast & Furious 7 release date: April 15, 2015

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Paul Walker, "If One Day The Speed Kills me, Do Not Cry Because I was smiling" is a fake or real quote?

What an awesome quote for an awesome dude. Paul Walker is said to have engineered this quote, "If One Day The Speed Kills Me, Do Not Cry Because I was Smiling." We are not sure whether Paul Walker designed this quote.

Wow, this quote makes the tragedy much more intense because speed was most likely involved in this horrific accident and that Paul was known to millions of fans as the superstar behind Fast and Furious movies.

We want to believe Paul Walker and his good friend and business partner Roger Rodas were smiling before their fiery death. Fast and Furious quotes and personal quotes are going to lead this tragic discussion.

The new Fast and Furious movie was just got released on DVD and the seventh installment of this highly popular racing franchise could resume shooting after the dust settles.

We will always remember you Paul Walker.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Paul Walker Tribute: Racers remember Fast and Furious star actor

As you all know, Paul Walker died in Santa Clarita where this city is now his last resting place. Paul Walker is the foundation that drives Fast & Furious movies. The tragic news of his death hit us hard. Until this day, we can't help but to be sad about losing Paul Walker too soon.

Nobody wishes for any person to die. We all deserve a chance to live a good life. Walker is one of those unique actors who inspired many people to give back to their community.

Racers paid tribute to their favorite on-screen racer on Sunday December 8. In a fitting ending, racers drove in honor of Paul Walker and his Brian O'Connor Fast & Furious character. 

 Paul Walker would be thankful to know his memory lives on in his fans, friends and family. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

In Tribute to Paul Walker, will be pointing to his organization for the month of December

We want to honor the memory of Paul Walker. He is widely known for his Fast and Furious movies. Paul poured his heart into his charity causes, so we want to give back to this great person.

For the month of September, we are pointing to Paul Walker's website. Any traffic that enters through will forward to until the end of this December.

Thank you Paul for being a kind spirited person who shined goodness on the world in your movies and in your charities. We salute you and honor you. You are a great man Paul Walker. Keep inspiring us to be like you.

"I don't get it, this wasn't supposed to happen" quote from Paul Walker's Hours movie

The irony of this Hours movie quote paralleled Paul Walker's real life. It is eerie that Walker's life ended exactly how he portrayed his character in Fast and Furious movies. His new movie, Hours, coming out next Friday looks to be one of those award-winning movies.

We were not supposed to be giving condolences to Paul Walker. Instead, we wanted to shake Paul's hand and tell him how great he performed in Hours. Sadly, Paul must look down on us reacting to his new movie due out next week. It reminds us of Heath Ledger's untimely death and his Academy award-winning performance in The Dark Knight. 

Paul Walker's death really hit us hard. We followed him long before his Fast and Furious movies. To this moment in time, we have to fight to keep the tears back. Sometimes we just let the tears free to release the pain. Even though we never met Paul Walker in-person, we connected with him in his memorable movies. Paul's memory is a part of our past, present and future.  

Good people like Paul don't deserve this fate. We lived in this Santa Clarita city for several years. This county is one of the gems of Southern California. It is in this city that Disney will be opening up their Disney Studio Ranch to shoot movies. 

This "I don't get it, this wasn't supposed to happen" Hours movie quote is what we're thinking right now. Why did Paul Walker die on the same exact day he was promoting his charity foundation to help others? What reason did Paul die at all? We have so many questions to ask?

Support Paul Walker as a great actor and human being by watching the Hours movie next weekend. Lets make his movie a box office hit. We pray for Paul Walker's family and friends.

Tyrese and Ludacris put together an amazing tribute to honor their dear friend Paul Walker. Keep smiling down on us because we are looking up to you Paul.